As your business grows, your value grows. And vice versa. Our aim is to facilitate that growth with successful partnerships and relevant knowledge gained from a pool of resources. Here you will find a regularly-updated collection of sound advice and shared experiences you can learn from as you grow your value.

Marketing Vs. Sales: What’s The Difference?

From Your Deal Source Trusted Advisor Member Sue Kirchner: The key to business growth relies on an alignment and collaboration between your marketing and sales. Even though they are two equally essential but distinct functions, in today’s environment their roles overlap. Why? Because the buying process has changed so dramatically over the past 10 years

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3 Tips for Putting the “Pro” in Your Consultant Profile

Your profile says it all: It’s your resume, it’s your business card, it’s your standard cocktail party response to the question, “So what do you do?” But most importantly, it’s your first impression. And you’re trying to impress someone who can hire you and your talents, so of course it’s important to make your profile

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When Networking Feels Like Notworking

Whether you’re running a company or hustling your consultant services, if your business thrives on referrals, networking is still one of the best ways to grow your prospects face-to-face. Even with recent events limiting our physical interactions, Zoom functions still insist that we attend virtual meetings to manage our professional network. But as necessary and

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Stand Out From a School of “Sardines “

Doing business in the internet age has an upside and a downside. The upside is the internet is extremely accessible. The downside is, it’s extremely accessible. So, while we can easily and cheaply create an online presence for ourselves that tells everyone what we do and how well we do it, so can about 4.5

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Self-Googlers Unite

We all do it, there’s no shame. We’ve all Googled ourselves. It’s normal to want to see how the world sees us. But as an independent brand, you are looking for more than just how many people liked your lunch photos. You want to know how you appear to others, and more specifically, to companies

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