Simplifying the Process, and Building Trusted Relationships.

As a CFO with over 35 years of experience for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Sal Burd, founder of YDS, saw a need to simplify the process of matching trusted professionals with business owners who need help building their businesses.

As a business owner, you likely started your business because you’re passionate about what you do.

And when you’re passionate about something, you’re usually pretty good at it.

But running a business around your passion requires a depth of knowledge in so many different areas other than just your area of expertise. It can make even the most competent and diligent entrepreneur feel lost and insecure about their business’s future.

Luckily, there are many resources out there to provide the help you need. Qualified consultants who thrive in their own areas of expertise are looking to solve problems exactly like yours. But it’s scary to put that kind of faith into an unknown resource.

The decision to put the success of your company in another person’s hands can be overwhelming.

And yet, indecision can hamper your business’s growth. Or worse.

We’re here to clarify confusion and close the trust gap.

Our processes are working 24/7 to match the crucial skills of consultants with the immediate needs of growing businesses, efficiently and effectively.

As a consultant, you’re likely an independent contractor.

For whom traditional methods of advertising don’t typically work. You network, you solicit referrals, and you might even consider putting your profile into a pool of thousands of others on a website where it’s nearly impossible to stand out, let alone be visible to your perfect clients.
YourDealSource was built to do more than just house your information and hope the algorithms work in your favor. And it was built to do more than to just take all comers and let them fend for themselves.

Our verification process is key, and it’s what makes us unique.

By knowing the strengths of our consultant members, and knowing the specific needs of our business members, we fill in the most important part of any contracted business relationship. The trust.
YourDealSource is a partner in making the connections both business owners and consultants alike benefit from.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to be a trusted resource through your business’s entire life cycle. From cradle to…well, let’s say easy chair, or fishing boat, or whatever ultimate success looks like to you.

Our philosophy is about being part of that big picture. By helping you create it.