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Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. And SMBs grow on the sweat and zeal of you, the owner. But when you max out your in-house capabilities, you need outside help and capital to scale. In so many cases, you resort to asking friends, “Do you know a guy?” in the hopes they’ll refer you to the right resources.

But when your life’s work is looking for a little life support, you need to find the right “guy” right away.

Before you run out of oxygen to keep your business alive, let Your Deal Source breathe some life into your small business. We provide access to elite subject matter experts to grow your business. And soon, we will be your one-stop source for needs-specific lenders and exit strategy advice as your business becomes an attractive acquisition target. And it can all be done within the Your Deal Source marketplace.

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Our research shows that too often, Busines Owners wait until the need for outside resources becomes too big for their vision and expertise.

Finding the right resources to grow.

It’s hard to go it alone. Even with a competent staff, growth brings the need for more “hands on deck” or different type of expertise! You need to recognize when it’s time for a change, you need to find partners who are right for you. And the last thing you need is to waste time and money on someone who isn’t a great fit. At Your Deal Source, we created an online marketplace for business owners like you to connect to vetted, experienced specialists, as efficiently as possible.

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Finding access to capital

Banks historically have been the best option for working capital or asset-based lending (real estate or machinery as an example). However, they aren’t always the best option for a growing or non-traditional businesses. Over the past several decades, a whole industry of non-traditional lenders was created to help small companies.

Your Deal Source is here to not only help you find the right lenders, but to help you understand what roles these lenders play, what products they offer to your business and how to work with them. Your Deal Source sorts through all of the available information of non-bank lenders, Private Equity Groups, Venture Funds, and Angel Investors, to name a few, and provide resources and products to help you grow. We match your business needs to right lenders for you.

6 Types of Consultants In Highest Demand by Growing Businesses

Scaling a business is tough. There are times in the lifecycle of a business when owners know they need help but aren’t sure what help they need.  We do. So, we’ve made the following types of strategic, C-Suite Level consultants available to you, to get your business moving faster. Best yet, it’s FREE to you!

  1. Marketing Consultants and Fractional CMOs specializing in Advertising, Branding, PR, Communications, Research Strategy, Video Production, and Digital Marketing
  2. Sales Consultants and Fractional CSOs proficient in Sales process development, Sales Training, Sales Recruiting and Compensation Strategies
  3. Finance Consultants and Fractional CFOs with expertise in the areas of Business Lending and Valuations, Cash Flow Management, Capital Structuring, Turnaround Management, Financial and Retirement Planning, to name a few.
  4. Operations Consultants specializing in Management systems, Process improvements, change management, IT strategy and Risk Management
  5. HR Consultants specializing in Benefits, Recruiting, PEO services, Outplacement, Talent Management, and Leadership Coaching.
  6. Legal Consultants specializing in Small Business Law, Patent Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, and More.
Need help understanding what consultant you need?
Business Owners: Monetize the value of your hard work

 The day will come when you, as a business owner, decides to wrap up your professional journey. But most companies don’t have to end with the business owner’s exit. They can be transitioned to continue to thrive and grow. Family, management team, or external buyers are just some examples of who may take over what you’ve built.

So rest assured that Your Deal Source is here to teach you how to extract the most value out of the sale. We have consultants that are skilled at transition. If you work with our lenders to grow your business, most of the information needed to sell your company is already archived in your accounts at Your Deal Source. We can also help find buyers!

When you’re ready to call it a day, we’ll help you realize that value to reward yourself for everything you’ve built.

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