Are You a Freelancer, or an Independent Consultant? Here are 3 Key Characteristics to consider.

When you tell the world what you do, certain designations can make a difference in how you are perceived, particularly when you are something other than a (Title your company gave you) at (Company that gave you that title).

As a self-employed contractor, you have the freedom, and let’s face it, the challenge, of marketing your services however you want.

So what’s the difference?

  1. The term freelancer generally applies to a “gun for hire,” so to speak. The “free” hopefully isn’t about compensation, it’s about independence. And it can be perceived as an individual willing to work as a temporary employee of sorts for any number of companies, and usually on a project with a set time and end result. Freelancers work alone for the most part. And it is usually accepted that they will work specifically within the parameters of the company that enlists their services.
  2. Independent Consultants or advisors are more likely to present themselves as an owner of their own business. This minor distinction tends to create more of a partnership with the hiring company than simply retaining someone’s services. A “solopreneur” is likely expected to show up with their own work style and processes, and present a more negotiated workflow with their clients. Their work can also extend over a long period of time, as long as the client needs their strategic advice or services. 
  3. Certainly, one of the advantages to working independently is flexibility. Which means an individual can morph from Freelancer to Independent Consultant as the work opportunities present themselves. A company that is searching for an outside resource to add to an existing team might search for a freelancer ready to join a project in process. A growing business that is looking to address a brand new need without any existing resources in place (a small business looking for HR help when hiring new staff for example) might welcome a level of expertise from a consultant or advisor that brings years of experience, and new ideas, to the conversation. 

However you define yourself to the professional world, Your Deal Source sees you as a Trusted Advisor. And as a member of our talent pool, you’ll be connected with the clients that need exactly what you deliver.

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