Killer Referrals: How to Generate More, Faster

It can be lonely and frustrating as an independent consultant. When you’re not only in charge of servicing clients, but also finding them, it can spread you pretty thin. That’s why referrals are so important. But only if they’re the right kind of referrals. The kind that connect you with businesses who know what you do, and need what you do. Right now.

Here’s how Your Deal Source helps make that happen:

Better Referrals, Faster & Easier

  • Quality Referrals. Customized Profiles match you with ideal targeted business owners.
  • Increased Trust. Membership adds credibility by listing you among the best-in-breed of trusted advisors.
  • You Set Your Price. Unlike other sites, we don’t take a percentage of your fees.
  • Low Acquisition Costs. For most C-level consultants, your membership fees will be more than covered by acquiring a single client.
  • Maximized Exposure. Membership among our select talent pool provides better presence to potential buyers, as does your ability to add content and generate internal reviews to highlight your personal brand.
Here's the Deal For Consultants

Once you become an exclusive Trusted Advisor member, the opportunities for connecting with potential clients are endless. As an independent consultant, you can use all the marketing, advertising and referral help you can get.

And you get all that help and more right here with Your Deal Source.

Read on to learn how membership works to highlight your expertise and bring targeted visibility to businesses in need of your services.

Trusted Verification Process

The real benefit to becoming a Your Deal Source Trusted Advisor is in the name: Trust. Our verification process is what allows you and your expertise to stand out to potential business owner clients. We perform the due diligence business owners don’t have the time for, so they can make the decision to hire you with confidence.

When you register to become an elite member of the Your Deal Source Trusted Advisor talent pool, you’ll provide information that allows us to verify your expertise and experience. The YDS Verified Badge tells business owners they’ve found someone they can trust.

The successful partnerships we create will generate experiences that build your status and ratings within the community, improving access to even more lucrative and successful partnerships and opportunities.

Exclusive Membership

We’re not shy about it: The Your Deal Source Trusted Advisor Group isn’t for everyone. We aren’t looking to build another marketplace with millions of faceless profiles all making the same claims and drowning each other in a sea of vague service offerings. We take the time to be selective in our membership.

When we present you as a trusted advisor, our business owner members must feel confident that they are getting the best of the best. We consider criteria like:

  • 10 years of industry experience
  • 3 years of consulting experience
  • Review of business website
  • Positive online presence via social media profiles, reviews, etc.

That’s how we back up our “quality over quantity” promise to our Business Owner members. So when they come looking for a qualified resource to help grow their business, they find you quickly and easily. So they can hire you, quickly and easily.

Choose Your Plan


3 months

. . . . . .

Profile Page

Ability to Submit Article to YDS Blog ($200 value)
1 per month

Additional Promotional Value:





6 months

. . . . . .

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t make a connection resulting in compensated work with a YDS Business Member within 6 months, we’ll refund 100% of your initial investment!

Profile Page

Assistance creating your profile page ($200 value)

Ability to Submit Article to YDS Blog ($200 value)
2 per month

Newsletter Spotlight: Feature about you and your services
($500 value)

Opportunity to host webinar for YDS ($1,000 value)
One per year, first come, first serve?

Additional Promotional Value:


12 months

. . . . . .

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t make a connection resulting in at least $5,000 in gross revenue in your first 12 months, we’ll refund 100% of your initial investment!

Profile Page

Assistance creating your profile page ($200 value)

Ability to Submit Article to YDS Blog ($200 value)
3 per month

Potential for blog post to be featured in newsletter ($100 value)

Newsletter Spotlight: Feature about you and your services
($500 value)

Opportunity to host webinar
for YDS ($1,000 value)
Two per year

60-second video for your profile page ($1,500 value)

One day exclusive personal spotlight on the YDS landing page
1 per year

Speak at YDS Live Event ($2,000 value)

Additional Promotional Value:

More Detail About Plan Benefits

Click on each benefit to learn more about it​

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about yourself. While our formatted process makes it easy to create a profile that stands out on our site, you may benefit from a little expert assistance. The staff at Your Deal Source has a good deal of experience in creating and reviewing consultant bios and profiles, and we’re glad to share that experience with you. We’ve made it our business to know what business owners are looking for in a consultant, so let us take a first pass at your profile if you need help. You can always revise it yourself, particularly as your experience evolves!

Thought leadership is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to showcase acquired wisdom around your area of expertise. It not only makes you stand out as the seasoned professional you are, it also starts conversations with those looking to work with people just like you. Your membership allows you to submit original content for publication on our site’s educational resource pages. Your level of membership determines how often you can feature your work on the site, and the Platinum Membership also includes the potential for inclusion in our Newsletter Spotlight!

Your Deal Source features regular webinars available free to our members. Hosting a webinar is a great way to promote your talents by educating others through your learned expertise. We offer multiple available slots on a first come, first served basis to our Gold and Platinum members

Through our select partners, Your Deal Source is able to offer our Platinum Members a custom 60-second video where you can tell your story in your own words on your profile. We’ll make you look like the consulting star that you are with a professionally produced executive-style video with high-end graphics to support your messaging. We can even provide guidance on scripting!

As if you won’t stand out enough as a Your Deal Source Member, our Platinum Members really get to rise above and beyond as a full-day featured spotlight member. Your bio and experience will be featured front and center on our home landing page for all visitors to see.

To give your outreach a real in-person touch, become a Platinum Member and get the opportunity to speak at one of our many well-attended live events. We’ll work with you to find the perfect fit for your subject matter to make sure you are addressing the best possible audience, face-to-face!

Marketing Support

The shotgun approach to marketing takes time an independent contractor doesn’t have. That approach is an inefficient way to find new clients. That is why Your Deal Source’s approach to TARGETED marketing for independent consultants is so important. You need focused and clear messaging, as well as consistent activity, to build a steady pipeline of leads.

Your Deal Source is always hard at work driving prospects to our website to connect with expert consultants like you. It’s like having your own dedicated marketing team, or an extra set of “feet on the street” always out there looking for new business for you.

Here's the Deal For Consultants

Your Deal Source has a vast network of creative marketing experts to work with you at discounted rates to enhance your YDS profile, create content that showcases your expertise, or to provide guidance on all manner of marketing activities.

And when it comes to cost of marketing, there’s strength in numbers.

Portions of consultants’ collective membership fees go towards targeting large groups and associations of business owners to bring their attention to the site. So everyone benefits from marketing budgets that most independent contractors find cost-prohibitive. Contact us to learn more about how your membership gives you access to marketing resources designed to help you get the most out of your presence within Your Deal Source.

Next Steps!
  1. Click on the button below to begin your membership process.
  2. Fill out our comprehensive registration form. We’ll ask for information to help us verify that you meet our standards to be listed as a trusted advisor.
  3. Select your plan and payment option.
  4. Once paid, we will review your membership. If you meet the standards outlined, you will be notified of final acceptance, your profile will become public and searchable by potential clients. (If not you will be notified and fully refunded).
  5. Now is the fun part! Make your profile as robust as you can to stand out and start talking with prospects.
5 Types of Consultants In High Demand by Growing Businesses

Scaling a business is tough. There are times in the lifecycle of a business when owners know they need help but aren’t sure what help they need.  Your Deal Source is looking for the best of the best to match with businesses who need your expertise. Here are some prime examples:

  1. Marketing Consultants and Fractional CMOs specializing in Advertising, Branding, PR, Communications, Research Strategy, Video Production, and Digital Marketing
  2. Sales Consultants and Fractional CSOs proficient in Sales process development, Sales Training, Sales Recruiting and Compensation Strategies
  3. Finance Consultants and Fractional CFOs with expertise in the areas of Business Lending and Valuations, Cash Flow Management, Capital Structuring, Turnaround Management, Financial and Retirement Planning, to name a few.
  4. Operations Consultants specializing in Management systems, Process improvements, change management, IT strategy and Risk Management
  5. HR Consultants specializing in Benefits, Recruiting, PEO services, Outplacement, Talent Management, and Leadership Coaching.

As a verified Trusted Advisor, you’ll be in high demand and highly visible to our Business Owner members looking to grow with your help now!

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