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Sue helps companies scale faster, easier, and more successfully using the brand as the focus to attract the right customers and employees.

As founder of Brand Strong Marketing, I am a brand strategy consultant who helps small and mid-size businesses identify their unique brand and use it as a strategic focal point to scale faster by standing out and attracting more clients and top talent employees, faster and easier.

With over 25 years of experience, she has seen what works and how to achieve results. When it comes to branding and marketing, she offers clients a unique mix of both strategy and execution. She’s been fortunate enough to do it all – qualitative research, focus group facilitation, insight analysis, competitive mystery shopping, launching and killing brands, and reinventing and refocusing brands to be stronger.

As well as crafting key brand messages, content creation, thought leadership branding, social media marketing, video marketing, and even international marketing and branding. Her clients rely on her expertise to enter new markets, develop new brand names, and communicate during mergers & acquisitions easier, faster, and more successfully.


For organizations poised to grow: Get your story straight - define who you are and what you stand for in order to scale faster and easier.

Using a four-phase process, we help companies see who they are, distinguish what makes them uniquely different and valuable, visualize where they are going in the future, identify their ideal target markets, and communicate with clarity and consistency to attract more clients. As an objective third party, we investigate your organization from all sides to develop a clearer sense of how your stakeholders perceive you and what they value most about your product or service. The end result? The ability to attract clients, or top talent, faster, easier, and more effectively.

Brand Identification & Definition | Brand Validation Research | Re-branding Strategy | Go-to-Market Research | Messaging & Positioning Jumpstart | Employer Brand Strategy


For organizations looking to grow through a merger or acquisition: Define how your organization will be different post-transaction and how to communicate that to customers and employees.

Brand management is essential during M&A activity. Pre-deal, it is important to understand the brand equity of the firm you are merging with or acquiring. Post-deal close, it is necessary in order to maintain stakeholder loyalty, drive the organization towards integration, and deliver cost savings. By working with the executive team to focus on the brand as the focal point for communicating this change within the organization, we help companies to focus on future growth; integrate faster; save time, money, and resources by streamlining their brand architecture; and maintain loyalty with customers, employees, investors, and suppliers.

Acquisition Target Brand Audits | M&A Communications Consulting | Corporate Naming | Brand Architecture Strategy


For organizations looking to change their corporate name or launch a new brand – usually as a result of a new product or service offering, changing competitive landscape, or a merger or acquisition.

We start with defining the objectives of the new brand name. We then lead the company down a systematic path of decision making – weighing all angles to determine the characteristics of the new brand, ideating potential new brand names, and working with strategic partners, bring it to life in the form of a new logo design. We also conduct preliminary trademark and url searches to identify brand names with the highest potential to trademark. We then recommend trademark attorneys to complete the process.

Corporate Name Ideation & Evaluation | Corporate Name Change Strategy

Areas of Expertise


  • Branding
  • Customer Experience
  • Research
  • Strategy
Industry Experience
  • Containers & Packaging
  • IT Services
  • Insurance
  • Professional Services

"I had never hired a brand and marketing consultant to help us with our messaging, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was honestly a little nervous because I wanted to make sure that it was a worthwhile investment and not totally sure how because branding and marketing can feel elusive to me. We received such amazing insight about our customers' needs, how we present our business, and how to move forward with more focus. The whole team started to move ahead with some of the learnings immediately in our emails to customers, copy on our website, and printed materials. And many of us keep her presentation on our desks! One of the big takeaways was how we speak to our customers, we realized that we weren't addressing their needs as much as we could. She made our brand feel more tangible and our marketing efforts more concrete and focused. I look forward to working with her on an ongoing basis!"

- Christen Carter, Founder and President, Busy Beaver Button Co. |

"Working with Sue/Brand Strong Marketing has been essential to the growth and transition of the business. In the three years we’ve worked together, she has helped to focus our internal and external brand message, consistency of marketing efforts, and most recently the planning involved in a brand shift. Her knowledge, skill and professionalism always amaze me. Her ability to keep me focused on both plans for the future strategy and execution of current initiatives has been instrumental to our organization’s success thus far."

— Cara Lindell, Founder & CEO, The Bridging® Institute |

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