3 Crucial Elements For a Winning Mission Statement!

A company’s mission and value system are more important to customers now than they have ever been. Consumers want to know more than just what services you provide, they want to know who you are as a brand and what you believe in.  That’s why a clear mission statement is so necessary in not only attracting attention to your brand, but as a first step in a positive and long-lasting relationship between you and your followers.

When crafting a meaningful mission statement that represents your brand’s values, 3 things matter above all else:

  1. Mission: Ok this one is obvious, it’s right in the title. But what is it really, in the context of a company’s personality? For one, it’s factual. It sums up your reason for being in a way that means something to the customer.  “Anderson Stone & Mortar delivers reliable solutions to homeowners for their foundation problems.” Your mission is the “What” in what you do.
  2. Purpose: Here’s where we dig a little deeper to really make that connection. Purpose is the “Why” in what you do. This can really humanize a brand by helping the potential customer know what drives your brand to make good on its “What.” It lends credibility and meaning to the service claims. “Anderson wants to provide families with safe, comfortable living spaces to enjoy their lives to the fullest.” Suddenly it’s not just about sealing a leaky crack in a basement wall.
  3. Vision: The vision is aspirational. It transcends what you can do for your customers today. And it may be about more than your products and services. “Anderson wants to create a world where putting the well-being of your home and family in the hands of a contractor is a stress-free pursuit.” A good vision statement should inspire customers to feel that they are part of your mission, and that you want the same things.

Creating a good mission statement that includes all of these elements is not an easy task, but it’s worth the introspection and reflection required to really tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

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