Entrepreneurship: When It’s Lonely At the Top

Be your own boss, they said. You don’t have to answer to anyone else, they said. What they didn’t say, is that there are times as an entrepreneur and business owner where you wish someone would tell you what to do. Or how to do it. Or tell you what you don’t know.

The rewards of starting and growing a business are great, and tremendously gratifying. But the instances where you realize that you don’t know what you need to continue or build on that success can be tremendously disheartening or downright terrifying. And even more so when you remember that, as the boss, it’s your problem to solve whether you have the answers or not.

The good news is that, as the gig economy grows, the availability of specific consultative resources is greater than ever. Chances are, whatever you currently need in the way of support exists in a very competent individual who knows exactly how to fill in the gap in your expertise.

Ironically, this knowledge alone can create its own layer of stress, when you have no idea how to find and vet the right consultants, or how to hire them and communicate your exact needs.

Your Deal Source was founded by business owners and consultants who understand this challenge as well as you do. The YDS mission is to eliminate the trust gap and reduce the time and effort it takes to find the right resource, with confidence. Vetted and rated consultants categorized by expertise will help you find the answers you need, when you don’t answer to anyone.

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