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Philip Elworth

I work with the owners of private businesses to help them increase cash and ultimately transition from their business.

My father owned a small service business during the time that I was growing up. I remember going out on service calls with him on weekends and school holidays and was so impressed with the way he interacted with his customers, the way he cared. Unfortunately, he was not surrounded with good advisors who could help him grow and develop the business. My father was what we call a grinder, one who worked in the business; he was not a finder, one who could grow the business. Before I understood better, he was forced to sell the business and ended up with very little to show for his effort. This marked me in ways I am only beginning to understand.

Both from an educational and a business perspective, I was drawn to learning about and working with private businesses. I did not understand it at the time but later came to realize that my passion is to help the owners of private businesses be successful however they define it, and I don’t want anyone to go through what my father endured. I believe that private businesses are the life blood of our country and that every business owner is important to our success as a nation.

Now there are many keys to the success of a business. Some of these key areas are to grow profitably, generate positive cash flow and to prepare the business for a transition. These are the areas that I focus on.

Wherever you are on the life cycle of your business I am prepared with well-established processes that work; to build toward success. As with any goal, you need to develop a plan and if part of that plan is to ultimately sell your business the sooner you begin this process the more successful you will be.

Areas of Expertise


  • Business Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching


  • Business Lending
  • Business Valuations
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Structuring
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Transaction Advisory Services


  • Management Systems
  • Strategic Development
Industry Experience
  • Building Products
  • Commercial Services & Supplies
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Construction Materials
  • Distributors
  • Food Products
  • Machinery
  • Real Estate Management & Development

I had the pleasure of working with Phil Elworth for several years at Northland Laboratories. Phil provided an expert level of analysis of the company with a strong business mind that helped drive many good decisions in the business. I found him to be responsive, trustworthy, very competent, and dependable. I would highly recommend Phil Elworth for any company considering utilizing his services.

Northland Laboratories

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