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Chris Tully

30+ years of executive sales & marketing leadership, positioned to help middle market business owners grow sales faster and make more money.

Are you the Owner, President or CEO of a business with $2M to $50M in revenue that isn’t growing properly? Are you tired of 'doing it all' yourself? Has it become difficult to grow your sales results without experienced sales leadership and oversight on your team? Do you need an outside perspective and fresh ideas?


- assess your current sales team and practices, and recommend adjustments where needed.
- design and implement your sales team's growth infrastructure including hiring, customized compensation plans, CRM selection and integration, forecasting and management processes, defined sales process, sales reporting and much more....
- handle all aspects of leading, coaching and developing your sales team.


Phase 1 - deep dive into revenue generation strategies, process and execution.
Phase 2 - collaborate with you to design and implement the required infrastructure that will produce a healthy sales engine - one capable of reliably delivering predictable revenue growth and improved sales effectiveness.
Phase 3 - operate as your fractional sales leader, and run all aspects of your sales team so that you don't have to (optional).

Areas of Expertise
Industry Experience
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Health Care Technology
  • IT Services
  • Professional Services
  • Software
  • Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals

‘Chris developed our sales compensation strategy, helped us find marketing and lead generation service providers, documented our sales process and wove it into was a tremendous asset to Orderhouse. ’ – Michael D’Errico, CEO, Orderhouse

‘Chris helped eTERA design and implement a customized sales playbook to help us grow our business effectively. His thorough analysis of our sales processes, incentive programs, sales coverage strategies, and hiring practices has laid the groundwork for our future growth plans.’ – Scott Holec, President, eTERA Consulting LLC

'It was a relief to have a sales professional with a big picture mindset in my C suite. He facilitated significant breakthrough for our firm. In addition, Chris tailored his program to match our timing and budget. I am thankful for his expertise. In addition, we have developed a friendship – what could be better than that?' - John Scott, CEO, Scott-Long Construction

My Content
How can I build an accountable sales culture?

- Create a sales process that drives results and train your sales team to navigate it - Track stage-based outcomes that illustrate productive sales process progression - Clearly explain what you expect your team to do and how you will measure their...

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Sales is not magic, it's a process!

- Sales ‘due diligence’ approach – especially if preparing for sale - The right infrastructure - Organization - leadership, people - Sales process excellence - Tools & support See the whole podcast here >...

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Sales Growth Advisors Proven Process

I have 're-wired' over 30 companies sales engine by following this proven process... 1) Assess (seek first to understand) 2) Design & Build (customize solutions to the specific client need) 3) Operate - implement and...

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Project History

Sales Growth Advisors LLC

Thursday December 8, 2022

Please contact me directly to discuss specific client projects and outcomes.

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