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Jocelyne Morin-Nurse

Embedded executive consultant | Leadership/team trainer | Forbes Business Council Employee Empowerment Chair

Attracting and retaining amazing individuals is only part of the equation. The best talent in the world can only make up so much for broken systems.

That's where I come in.

I work with you to achieve your business goals by providing expertise and insight. I will teach you how to unleash the real magic of a business focused on both the people AND the profits.

If you're looking to maximize your company’s potential, driving growth and success, let’s work together to develop a customized strategy that fits your unique needs.

From leadership and management to marketing and operations, we’ll cover all the key areas that drive success.

We could collaborate by:

1. Embedded executive consulting. Where, through regular communication, I will work with you to identify the most significant blockers in your business, uncover the next biggest differentiator in its growth, plan to improve efficiency, streamline processes, develop new growth opportunities, tackle new challenges, and more.

2. Leadership and team training. Where I will work with you to unlock the full potential of your leaders. It could be through our at-your-pace courses, masterclasses, or customized training. All combine hands-on experience with expert coaching to help leaders develop the skills they need to drive results. Each implementation-style training is designed to improve essential leadership skills such as: communicating effectively, efficient decision-making, skillfully navigating team dynamics, and balancing business and beings. The goal is to bring out the best in your leaders and give them the confidence and tools they need to succeed.

Why am I qualified to teach this? Because I've been there and done it. I've been called an “architect of success” possessing an “impressive understanding of business.” In a career that took me from public service to entrepreneur to CEO of a software company while growing my own leadership training company, I discovered a passion for impactful leadership, employee empowerment, sustainable growth, and business agility.

I've led teams of 40+ members, managed operations through crisis and transformation, redesigned recruiting processes, and overhauled business financials leading to profitability and measured growth.

Through my company, Loxentus Inc., I provide executive consulting and impactful leadership training to achieve your business goals.

I'm a frequent podcast guest, have my own Youtube channel where I speak about leadership and entrepreneurship, and I'm the Chair of the Forbes Business Council's Employee Empowerment group and a member of the Women Executives and Public Speaking groups.

Contact me! And let's talk about how I can help transform your team and your business.

Areas of Expertise


  • Business Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching


  • Recruiting
  • Talent Management
Industry Experience
  • Professional Services
  • Software

“In the years I’ve collaborated with Jocelyne, especially in her role as an executive, I’ve been impressed by her understanding of business and the successful transformative results she's achieved.”

- F. Stephen Fishel, Director of Tax & Advisory Services, SIMA Financial Group, Inc.


“Collaborating with Jocelyne on creating a powerful training workshop for leaders was a great experience. We've teamed up again since then and are likely to join forces on other special projects in the future.”

- Lara Wellman, Founder & CEO, of The Biz Studio


"Jocelyne Morin-Nurse is fiercely dedicated to creating a workplace environment where employees are engaged, invested, and committed to creating a people-centred approach to collaboration and inclusion at work. If you wanted to have a meaningful and in-depth conversation about people-centric leadership, then Jocelyne Morin-Nurse would be a great and authentic place to start."

- Kevin McShan, Motivational Speaker and Journalist, Let’s Have This Conversation


"Jocelyne was a guest for my “15-Minute RESET” podcast and radio show, and she’s just a really polished entrepreneur, author, and speaker. I found her to be not only delightful, but powerful. I feel she’s fast-tracking toward many great things."

- Lori Carrese, 360 Talk Radio for Women


"Thank you, Jocelyne Morin-Nurse! I have learned so much through your guidance. Thank you for seeing my potential and helping me realize it!"

- Melissa Todd, Operations Specialist, Corgibytes, LLC.


“I interviewed Jocelyne for my podcast, Leadership Secrets. She was fun and easy to interview, and her leadership journey is so interesting and relatable. It ended up being a great conversation full of high-quality leadership advice.”

- Barry Moline, Author, CONNECT! How to Quickly Collaborate for Success in Business and Life

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